Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Eurogamer community!

Our goal at Eurogamer is to offer a space where it's fun and interesting to talk about video games and all the issues that surround them. We want to create an inclusive, respectful community that's a pleasure to be a part of. We want to foster conversations that are informative and entertaining.

These guidelines exist to help everyone in the community - users, moderators and staff - achieve that goal.

That means that we don't offer a space where you can say whatever you like. There are guidelines for good conduct here, and we employ moderators to enforce them. If your comment isn't helping the conversation, it will be deleted and your account may be banned.

The short version:

Be positive and polite

Bring positive, thoughtful contributions that add to the conversation. Be nice. Respect others. When you disagree with an article or comment, do it politely. Don't be rude. Don't insult other users, moderators or staff. Don't use racist, sexist or other discriminatory language. Don't troll, and don't respond to trolls. Avoid relentless negativity. Don't waste other people's time with spam.

You are our guest

You are welcome here, but we make the rules, and moderators and staff have total freedom to decide how those rules will be interpreted and enforced. Ultimately, all moderation decisions are at the editors' discretion.

Got a complaint or query? Get in touch

If you want to query a moderation decision, or discuss anything to do with the moderation process, please email Please don't do it publicly on the site.

The full guidelines

Any of the following can get your comment deleted or your account banned:

  1. Spam: Obviously off-topic, purely promotional posts, whether posted by a human or a bot
  2. Breaking the law: Anything that offers, encourages or solicits illegal activities, including piracy, copyright infringement, hacking and illegal drug use
  3. Personal attacks: Threats of violence, personal abuse and insulting language directed at another user or a member of staff
  4. Discrimination: racism, sexism and any other form discrimination; anything that encourages discrimination, harassment or violence based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or physical characteristics
  5. Sharing private information: Any personally identifiable information, whether relating to you or someone else, and any content that violates another person's reasonable expectation of privacy
  6. Sexually explicit content and other NSFW material: Including pornographic and excessively violent images and links, and some explicit language (though swearing is tolerated)
  7. Other unsuitable topics: We reserve the right to prevent discussion on any topics which we deem unsuitable for the ethos of the site
  8. Trolling: Going out of your way to create arguments or take threads off-topic, and using language specifically intended to rile other users
  9. Complaining about moderation: Don't post this publicly - if you have an issue, email us at
  10. Complaining about our coverage: We welcome constructive feedback on our articles, but complaining about topic selection, the number of articles on a topic, review scores, posting "slow news day" and arguing about what should or should not be in the site's remit is rarely constructive
  11. Multiple accounts: We don't allow more than one account per user, which means no alts, no sockpuppets, and no using accounts to promote your own posts, argue with other users, impersonate other users, or take extreme or indefensible positions