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Tell us your favourite Street Fighter gaming memory and you could win SF6

I Cammy believe it.

Street Fighter hero Ryu, in illustrated form, arms folded, looking rather unhappy actually. Or as though he's fallen asleep standing up. Who knows!
Capcom / Street Fighter

We've done Zelda, we've done Star Wars, and now we're doing Street Fighter. Tell us your best Street Fighter gaming memory and you could win a copy of Street Fighter 6 on your platform of choice.

It's really easy to take part. All you have to do is write your memory in the comments below, and then I'll go through them when I'm back in the office on Tuesday (6th June) and select a winner. I'll then contact the winner (keep an eye on your Eurogamer-linked email address, and the comments) and we'll take it from there. Simple!

As for what you should write: that's up to you! Look to those Zelda and Star Wars threads for inspiration, if you need it. If nothing else, they're a wonderful reminder of why people play games, not that you'll need reminding, I'm sure.

R yu ready? Ken you ever be? I'm so sorry.

As it happens, I have a Street Fighter memory of my own - not one I'm particularly proud of but I'll share it because I've bloody mentioned it now.

I was a fresh-faced boy of around nine or 10 with the whole world ahead of me, but more importantly, I had a SNES at home. And on that SNES, I had a game called Street Fighter 2, which I know many of you will relate to. I even had a fancy transparent controller to play it with, which did cheaty things like autofire that made electrifying Blanka a doddle.

The problem was, I was, um, how do you say, tempestuous? And M. Bison, the big boss in Street Fighter 2 (in Europe), was an absolute bastard. If I close my eyes now, I can still see him jumping on my character's head and spinning around to flop onto me. Over and over he'd do this, all while smiling smugly, until I died. And oh how many times I died.

One day, I simply couldn't take the frustration any more. I died in the game and took all my frustration out on that transparent controller. I squeezed and I squeezed and the poor thing snapped in half. Of course, I then had a lot of explaining to do - and how do you tell a parent you did something like that? I sheepishly tried to tape the pad up but it was never the same.

I told you I wasn't particularly proud of it! But I digress. What's your Street Fighter memory?

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